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Membership Information
“The PAG provides access to educational resources, businesses and vendors that support the parking and transportation industry, and a national network of affiliated professionals.”  
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Levels of Membership

What are the different levels of membership?

When an organization joins PAG one member of the joining organization is designated as the “Sustaining” member. Additional members joining from the same organization are termed “Associate” members. The privileges of each are noted as follows:



  • Vote on association business (in his/her absence, may delegate his/her vote to an Associate, but only one vote per organization).
  • May hold association offices.
  • Receive discounts for PAG events.

ASSOCIATE members:

  • Are non-voting, but may present an absent Sustaining Member’s vote by “proxy”.
  • May hold association offices.
  • Receive discounts for PAG events.
  • All levels of membership get first call on PAG events, before these events are opened to the public.
  • Other rights, privileges, and responsibilities of membership are described more fully in the Association Bylaws and Code of Ethics.

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